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Share anonymous, constructive insights about the people you work with



Look up existing colleagues or add new ones. Share when and where you worked with them and in what capacity. In seconds, begin building a network of current and former professional relationships.


Share your experiences working with colleagues, both the positive and the constructive feedback based on your observations. Empower them with feedback to genuinely improve themselves and strengthen their skills.


All submissions are kept completely anonymous. Absolutely no identifying information is shared with the people being reviewed, so you can be open, honest, and forthright about your insights.


Read what others have submitted about your colleagues and agree or disagree with their feedback to weed out inaccurate, biased, or one-off observations.


Claim your user profile and view all feedback submitted about you. Get notified when new feedback is submitted and gain access to performance metrics that are not shared publicly.


Comment on feedback submitted about you to provide context, explanations, and updates. Create and manage a strong personal brand that helps attract the opportunities you want and shapes the legacy you will leave behind.

About Us

Verity is an ambitious high-tech startup in Canada’s technology triangle that is set to shake up the global HR tech space by moving beyond resumes, reference letters, and hiring recommendations and delivering the real-deal on employees. Through the submission of credible and reliable feedback on employees, Verity will deliver unprecedented insights on how individual employees are perceived by their colleagues and will also enable organizations to hire with confidence, launch targeted hiring campaigns, and gauge the suitability of employees to specific environments through powerful analytics.

Verity’s Product Philosophy:

  • We believe that your opinion matters
  • We believe the single best predictor of future job performance is past job performance experienced by those who know you best
  • We believe that employees should be empowered with the true knowledge and feedback to genuinely improve themselves
  • We believe that organizations are entitled to credible, reliable, and meaningful feedback about the people they hire
  • We believe that aggregation of that information is better than fragmentation
  • We believe that employees and organizations have the right to privacy and security
  • We believe that reference letters are a thing of the past
  • Founder & CEO

    Bobby Naini
    Founder & CEO

    Bobby is passionate about technology and innovation. Graduating from the Computer Engineering program at the University of Waterloo with an option in Management Science, Bobby spent more than 8 years in various technical management roles at BlackBerry, at one point leading a team of close to 30 Developers and Project Managers. In that time, he was actively involved in recruitment and hiring activities and interviewed hundreds of full-time and student candidates. As Founder and CEO, Bobby has incubated the ideas behind Verity and driven them from conception to launch. Bobby continuously leverages his deep technical background combined with his solid project management and leadership track record to devise, design, manage and deliver innovative solutions. Outside of work, Bobby is parent to 2 adopted dogs and he is continuously seeking to feed his passions for music and rollercoasters.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    +What is Verity?

    Verity is a powerful platform that allows you to share fully anonymous, constructive feedback about the people you work with and to have you validate other peoples’ feedback of those same employees. You can share your insights on your colleagues to empower them with feedback to genuinely improve themselves and provide organizations and recruiters with credible, reliable, and meaningful feedback about the people they hire. You can also view all feedback submitted about you and explore key metrics on how others perceive you as a colleague.

    +What kind of employee feedback is expected?

    Verity strongly encourages feedback that is open, honest, direct, and constructive. While any length of feedback is welcome, it is most beneficial when the feedback relates specific experiences with examples, both positive and where improvement is needed, of working with your colleague. Be supportive and provide constructive feedback that can position your colleague to take immediate and specific steps to improve their skills and address any issues you disclose.

    +Can any of my current or former colleagues submit feedback about me?

    Yes. People can submit feedback about anyone they wish, regardless of whether they are presently colleagues or worked together in the past. They also do not need to be registered in order to submit a review. However only registered users can corroborate or disagree with a previously submitted review about you.

    +Who can view the feedback submitted to Verity?

    Unregistered users can only see a small sample of reviews submitted about anyone in the system. Registered users can see most reviews submitted about anyone in the system, and can also validate individual reviews submitted about people they’ve worked with (agree/disagree). As a registered user who has claimed their profile, you can view all reviews submitted about you, including data based on key metrics submitted by reviewers.

    +How is the data collected on Verity used?

    Verity strongly believes in corporate transparency in dealing with its employees, users, customers, and investors, and that people have a right to know how the data submitted will be used. Verity does not currently sell the data collected to any organizations or individuals. The immediate focus is on scaling user growth and internally analyzing the data submitted to identify trends and patterns that can be applied to the development of a future complex analytics engine. Eventually however Verity will begin investigating potential revenue streams with a data monetization strategy, most likely focused on HR recruiters. For example, recruiters could launch targeted hiring campaigns to identify employees with specific, verifiable, and corroborated skills and behaviours.

    +What technologies are used to develop Verity?

    Verity’s technology stack and development infrastructure consist mainly of the following:

    • Bootstrap (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework)
    • Ruby on Rails
    • MySQL
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Mixpanel (analytics)
    • Devise (authentication)

    Verity is regularly evaluating its software stack and monitoring new web development technologies to ensure that its future architectural requirements, scaling needs, and feature requirements will be met.

    +How do I deal with offensive submissions?

    Verity has a zero tolerance policy towards any postings that contravene its terms of service, including responses that are abusive, attacking, threatening, or aggressive in nature. Such postings will be removed by Verity without warning. If you do identify any active submissions that do not comply with our policies, you can flag the entries to Verity and they will be reviewed as soon as possible.

    +How do I deal with submissions about me that I disagree with?

    Registered users who have claimed their profile on Verity can submit responses to any review that they would like to comment on. The content of those comments is at your discretion, and can include an explanation providing context to the review, a denial of the statements made, acknowledgment of the feedback received, or even a request for further details or clarity on the feedback submitted. While the identity of the submitters will never be revealed, registered users will receive a notification when you submit a follow-up comment to their reviews. Other registered users who know you will also have an opportunity to validate other people’s feedback about you by indicating whether they agree or disagree with the reviews submitted. This will help with sorting out inaccurate, biased, or one-off observations.

    +If reviewers remain anonymous, how can their feedback be trusted?

    In addition to submitting reviews, registered users will have the ability to indicate whether they agree or disagree with the observations posted by other users. Consistent disagreements with feedback will indicate that the observations are either invalid, biased, or stem from a one-off situation. Corroboration on the other hand will be an indication that the observed behaviours or described experiences form a consistent pattern observed by many. This qualification of reviews by users will, over time, provide a measure of trustworthiness and consistency of the feedback shared by your colleagues.

    +What’s next for Verity?

    Verity is currently focused on 3 primary activities in the short term:

    • Build new features and enhancements into the product, particularly based on initial user feedback.
    • Execute on a communications strategy to grow usage and drive traction amongst local employees in the Kitchener-Waterloo high-tech industry.
    • Engagements with investors to raise a round of seed financing.